La Rizzi Flamar S.r.l.

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Rizzi – Flamar Srl is a leading industrial reality in the field of manufacturing machinery for tanneries. The company, founded in 1960, has established itself as an international reference point for the quality and technology of its products.

The Rizzi – Flamar product range includes machinery for all stages of the tanning process, from fleshing to setting out, from grinding to shaving. Rizzi – Flamar machinery is characterized by innovative design, high-quality materials, and meticulous craftsmanship.

In 2007, Rizzi acquired the Flamar brand, expanding its product range with mobile bench shaving machines. Flamar shaving machines, updated and evolved by engineers from the Rizzi technical studio, are synonymous with quality and reliability.

Experience and professionality

Care, experience, and professionalism are at the heart of Rizzi – Flamar. The company indeed carries out all mechanical processes internally, ensuring high-quality standards.

Rizzi – Flamar is a company that has always shown great passion for its work. This passion translates into a constant commitment to innovation and the search for increasingly advanced technological solutions.

Italian craftsmanship tradition is a fundamental value for Rizzi – Flamar. The company is proud to preserve and pass on the techniques and knowledge that have made Italy a world leader in the tannery sector.

Our story

Rizzi is the oldest metalworking factory in Modena.

Established in 1857 as the Foundry of Cast Iron, with the approval of the Dukes of Habsburg-Este, to produce artifacts for railways, it contributed to the inauguration of the Central Railway Station in 1859. That year, Francesco V d’Este was forced to flee while the citizens of Modena voted for submission to Vittorio Emanuele II, the future king of Italy.

Since 1950, Rizzi began specializing in the production of tannery machinery, eventually becoming the world leader in the sector, a position it still holds today.

Let’s delve into our history

Let’s focus on the history of Rizzi

Founded in 1857 as a foundry, the company was specialized in the production of cast iron castings for the construction of columns and various products for the railways. The foundry was also joined by a mechanical workshop that produced railway material.

In the early 1940s it was purchased by Luigi Guarinoni, who started the production of various machine tools and the “mignon lathe” for the Maserati automotive industry. After the Second World War, Guarinoni met Count Bocca, owner of a tannery, who proposed him the production of tannery machines.  Thanks to the collaboration with Ermanno Gianoglio, a brilliant young engineer (former Fiat employee in Turin), the company specialized in the production of tannery machines, soon becoming a world leader in the production of those kind of machines.  Gianoglio was in fact capable of transforming the original mechanical machines into much more powerful machines, equipped with refined electromechanical and hydraulic command and control systems. The design and production of all the components necessary for the production of the various types of tannery machines took place within Rizzi.

Rizzi carried out all phases of the production process internally, patenting new hydraulic solutions and machinery. Commercial skills guaranteed growth in sales in the main markets, until the acquisition (between 1955 and 1960) of a substantial order in Argentina, which allowed the sale of 50 machines intended for that market, just as in 1970 an important contract was signed for the sale of splitting and shaving machines in Russia. Subsequently the company was purchased by various industrialists and moved to Central Italy, next door of the tanning center of the Santa Croce Sull’Arno district, ensuring continuous updating of tannery machinery.

In 2015, company Nappi Group Srl took over, which thanks to their historic and solid foundations, are leaders on the global market with large production in the tanning sector innovative capacity and entirely Made in Italy. Nappi Group revolves around the figure of Antonello Nappi, an experienced and talented entrepreneur, who, from an early age, supported by his father, was able to carry on a family tradition, today consolidated into one of the most stable and established companies. Antonello Nappi, former owner of Officine Nappi, a company dedicated to the marketing of machinery with highly professional and serious after-sales assistance service, purchased then Sit Mattei Felts in 2012 and Rizzi-Flamar in April 2015, historic and competent partners, already previously represented.

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Signal Transmission Compensators for Long Distance

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Machines for splitting skins

Discover the patent filed in the United States for the machine used for splitting hides, invented by Luigi Rizzi.

Hydraulic system for driving the rotation of sundry members in machines for the working of skin and hides

Discover the hydraulic system for driving the rotation of various components in machines for the processing of skins and leather, filed in the United States.